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Welcomed to YK TRUE PERFORMANCE CONSULTING (YKTPC) - Your specialist in motivation talks, motivation training, corporate training and personal development.

YKTPC was established in 2006.

It has the following vision, mission, strategies and values to untap the hidden potential in every individual:

A motivating and inspiring ICON who develops responsible individuals and productive human capital for the workforce.

To inspire and motivate 1,000,000 students in schools/colleges/universities and employees in organisations by year 2020.

To design, develop, deliver and disseminate information or messages relating to motivation and life-long learning through "Make or Break" and "Break Away" programmes.

Purpose Inspiring Motivated Persistence Integrity kNowledge (PIMPIN).

YKTPC is mainly energised by a motivational speaker, Ricky Wong Yoon Kiong, who is a highly motivated and inspired visually challenged individual with various academic and professional qualifications accompanied by 15 years of experience in the corporate sector.

If you're looking for Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Motivation Programme Trainer, or Employee Motivation Facilitator to hold a truly inspiring session, You've come to the right place! Our vision is your dreams come true!

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A fully motivated individual, or leader with a clear personal and corporate vision/mission is an important asset to the organisation. These individuals and leaders are more likely to be more productive, thus producing better results.

Therefore, building a high performing team in organisations to achieve their corporate objectives and goals will be determined by these fully motivated individuals and leaders.

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Articles from YKTPC.com

Two Ways to Feel Fear

In a memorable Depression-era radio speech on the radio, President Franklin Roosevelt declared, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."He was dead right.

Going with the Flow

This whole idea of change is founded on a single principle: CHANGE IS ALL IN YOUR MIND.First comes a desire or need to change.

Stained Glass Windows

Elizabeth Kubler Ross once said, "People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun comes out, but when the darkness sets in, their beauty is revealed only if there is light on from within.

Stick With the Winners

Here is an interesting quotation from Stephen Walsh."We're building up and tearing down, in everything we do.

Listening Skills

Listen to win SalesVery few people are good listeners. In your everyday life how many people can you remember who are good listeners, people who remembered your name or what you said.

Mastering the Problem of Everyday Living

People are unhappy and defeated by their everyday problems that arise in life. You should know that life is full of ups and downs.

Finding Motivation: What To Do When You Dont Feel Like Doing Anything

"The measure of your success usually comes down to who wins the battle that rages between the two of you. The 'you' who wants to stop, give up, or take it easy, and the 'you' who chooses to beat back that which would stand in the way of your success - complacency.

Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist?

I have been giving some thought lately to optimism and pessimism. Basically, these are attitudes.

No Excuses

Don't you just hate it when people make excuses for their failures? So do I. But do you know what I hate even more? Finding myself making excuses for my failures! I have a policy that I try to live by: No excuses.

Beginnings Arent As Complicated As They Seem

Beginnings are seldom as complicated as they seem. You know what I mean by "complicated - the dates and the duties and the things-to-be-remembered, the stuff that piles onto your plate with a new project or obligation.

Your Date with Destiny

Destiny. What a powerful word.

Elements of Change

The key to achieving more than you currently are, no matter which area of your life or work you are focusing in on now, is change. The old saying rings true: If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you've already got.

The Day Your Life Will Change for Good!

Many people long for a better life. In fact, I think it is innate to humans to desire a better life.

The Top Five Great Reasons to Delay Pursuing Your Dream


Put Some Fire in Your Desire

One of the keys to success is staying motivated because it is being motivated that keeps us going out the door every day to change the world and reach our destiny! It is our desire for a better life, for change in ourselves and others, and for personal growth and fulfillment that moves our mountains! Desire!Desire sure is a word with much more richness to it than the word "want" though they are essentially the same. "Want," though, sounds like you could take it or leave it.

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Injured Hawaii football player gets much needed motivation in Denver
University of Hawaii football player Kalepo Naotala broke his neck in a diving accident this summer. He made the trip from the islands to Denver in July to continue his treatment and rehab at Craig Hospital. Two months later now and the freshman got some.

TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press

Lynx's legacy is secure heading into WNBA Finals, but motivation remains
TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press
Minnesota Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeves, center, smiles as she greets Sylvia Fowles (34) as team members begin to celebrate near the end of the second half of Game 3 of the WNBA basketball semifinals against the Washington Mystics, Sunday, Sept.

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Self-Discipline vs. Motivation in Sports
Research Fellow Gro Jordalen studied the correlation between motivation and self-discipline in athletes from the early stages to the elite level. She interviewed both World Championship and Olympic medal winners as well as winter sports athletes aged ...


Ezekiel Elliott has more than enough motivation to own Cardinals
Ezekiel Elliott has more than enough motivation to own Cardinals. The stars are aligning for what could and should be a dominant showing on Monday Night Football. Patrik Walker - Sep 22, 12:54 PM; 2; Tools. Edit; Slot to 247Sports Home; Slot to Dallas ...
NFL | Bleacher ReportBleacher Report
Ezekiel Elliott gets preliminary injunction; ban on holdNFL.com

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Washington Post

Cowboys getting back to work with plenty of motivation
ESPN (blog)
Their three losses last season were by a total of 18 points, and the 14-point defeat at Philadelphia came with the bulk of the starters playing sparingly since the Cowboys' playoff seeding had been set. "We're extremely motivated," receiver Dez Bryant ...
Denver Broncos Football News, Schedule, Roster, Stats - SB NationSB Nation
Dallas Cowboys Football News, Schedule, Roster, Stats - SB NationSB Nation

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Return of GHSA basketball tourney brings money, motivation to ...
For the first time in almost 50 years, the Macon Coliseum was empty during the 2017 Georgia High School Association State Basketball Championships. In 2018 ...

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Business Mirror

Motivation vs Self-Discipline: Which Is the Key to Habit Formation?
Business Mirror
It's a known fact that motivation and self-discipline are the most important factors when dealing with habit formation. Sometimes people wonder whether they should focus on one of these to succeed. The difference between these two factors is obvious ...

Motivation may be less limited than we think | EurekAlert! Science ...
EurekAlert (press release)
Although we tire at specific tasks, study finds motivation to work may be stable throughout the day.

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The New Times

Motivation: Is the carrot enough to stimulate performance?
The New Times
Studies have showed that corporal punishment doesn't reinforce discipline or motivation. Instead, it only makes learners aggressive. The new order in education calls for motivation and use of incentives to lure children into good behavior and interest ...


Sound Off: Dak Not Buying “Blueprint” Talk; Zeke's Motivation & Facing Fitz
Coming off a disappointing loss to the Denver Broncos the Cowboys are preparing for a Monday night matchup against an Arizona Cardinals team fresh off a bounce back win. This is what players and coaches from both teams have been saying this week:.

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