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Welcomed to YK TRUE PERFORMANCE CONSULTING (YKTPC) - Your specialist in motivation talks, motivation training, corporate training and personal development.

YKTPC was established in 2006.

It has the following vision, mission, strategies and values to untap the hidden potential in every individual:

A motivating and inspiring ICON who develops responsible individuals and productive human capital for the workforce.

To inspire and motivate 1,000,000 students in schools/colleges/universities and employees in organisations by year 2020.

To design, develop, deliver and disseminate information or messages relating to motivation and life-long learning through "Make or Break" and "Break Away" programmes.

Purpose Inspiring Motivated Persistence Integrity kNowledge (PIMPIN).

YKTPC is mainly energised by a motivational speaker, Ricky Wong Yoon Kiong, who is a highly motivated and inspired visually challenged individual with various academic and professional qualifications accompanied by 15 years of experience in the corporate sector.

If you're looking for Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Motivation Programme Trainer, or Employee Motivation Facilitator to hold a truly inspiring session, You've come to the right place! Our vision is your dreams come true!

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A fully motivated individual, or leader with a clear personal and corporate vision/mission is an important asset to the organisation. These individuals and leaders are more likely to be more productive, thus producing better results.

Therefore, building a high performing team in organisations to achieve their corporate objectives and goals will be determined by these fully motivated individuals and leaders.

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Articles from YKTPC.com

Procrastinator No More!

Procrastination is when ever we postpone a task or duty intentionally without a valuable explanation. It is a natural tendency in people.

The Time To Start Working On Your Dream is Now - Not Later

Most of us are hesitant to start anything because we are afraid we might make a mistake or fail. Go ahead make mistakes! Don't wait for more experience or to be good enough to start.

Why Idle Hands Create Stagnation in Our Lives

You've probably heard the phrase, "Idle hands are the devil's tools" -- meaning if you don't have something to keep you busy, you're likely to get into trouble. That can be argued of course, since the intent to cause trouble probably has to be present also.

How Do I Stop Procrastinating?

Often times we procrastinate because it just seems like so much WORK to get what we want! We just don't feel like the rewards justify everything that needs to be done to obtain those goals.Other times we procrastinate because we feel like we can't have what we really want so we settle for something less than we truly deserve.

Clear Thinking - Ten Ways

Does your mind sometimes feel like a television station you can't quite tune in? You know there's an interesting program on - or several, but everything is mixed with static. What if you could "tune in" at will, have clear thinking whenever you want it? Try some of the following.

Are You Suffering from the Autopilot Dilemma?

An epidemic is occurring all around you, and there is a good chance it has already found its way into your life. It begins slowly at first, nearly imperceptible.

You are the Master of Your Destiny

Every thought of a human being is transformed as picture in everybody's mind.The picture transformed into your mind will be depending upon your thought.

The Secret to this Famous Singers Success

It seems the longer think we have, the longer we put off living the life we see in our heads.You know what I'm talking about.

Get Started! Do Something!

This is about getting started. Taking that first step.

Beyond Procrastination - 8 Questions To Ask Yourself

Why am I constantly putting things off? Why don't I do the things I'm "supposed" to do, but don't really want to? Why do I always seem to be forcing myself to do things? Whether it's chores at home, work for school, or projects at work, how do I get beyond procrastination? Most often, something is operating "underneath" the procrastination. Asking yourself these nine questions and spending some conscious time reflecting on your responses can help you uncover why you are resisting doing what needs to be done and support you to move beyond procrastination.

Success Through The Power Of Daily Action

Daily actions to achieve your goals means daily progress and daily excitement as you start to feel your dreams are actually coming true.As you take action daily, you cannot fail to realize that you are moving steadily towards your goal and this can only fill you with growing enthusiasm and the belief that, at long last, you will achieve your goal whatever it is.

Motivating Yourself To Take Action Daily

Daily action towards a goal is the fastest way to achieve your goal. As you take daily action you see the results of that action fairly quickly if not immediately.

Nothing To Lose

I stormed out of the office and headed for the patio area in front of my office building. It was October 2003, and everybody knew what happened.

Discover the Hidden Power of Self Motivation

Many studies have been done to research the effects of motivationand mental health. As the implications of helping those withnegative self-esteem, depression and anxiety are immense this iscertainly an area of research that deserves a great deal ofattention.

Discover How to Stay Motivated and Be Successful

If you surveyed 50 people asking each their definition ofsuccess, chances are you would receive fifty different answers. Even so, there are certain steps everyone must follow in order tobe successful.

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Neuromyth: Intrinsic Motivation is Driven by External Reward  PsychCentral.com

One of the best motivators to learn is personal satisfaction.[1] But where does this internal drive come from? Many believe that students are motivated to learn.

4 Reasons Good Employees Lose Their Motivation  HBR.org Daily

Motivation — the willingness to get the job done by starting rather than procrastinating, persisting in the face of distractions, and investing enough mental effort to ...

Motivation on minds of IU coach, Morgan | IU | Journal Gazette  Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Indiana is playing postseason basketball in March. It just isn't the tournament the Hoosiers hoped for when the season began. The team's near-miss fo ...

Jackie Brousseau-Pereira: March madness or Motivation?  GazetteNET

When you go to college in New England, calling the term that begins in mid-January “spring semester” is at least misleading and at most unfair. Let's face it ...

How to Develop a Greater Sense of Motivation in Students  KQED

Teachers can know their *content* backwards and forwards. They might have put hours into their lesson plans. But if their students aren't motivated, learning won't ...

15 Inspirational Running Quotes - Cool Running Quotes For Motivation  Women's Health

When you're running and “you can do it” isn't cutting it anymore, turn to these inspirational running quotes. They're all the motivation you'll need to put one foot in ...

Gonzaga Forward: Motivation Won't Be An Issue  CBS Sports Radio

Despite losing to Saint Mary's in the WCC Championship, Gonzaga still earned the No. 1 seed in the West Region. The Zags beat Saint Mary's twice in the ...

Booze Tops Motivation List in Firsthand Ride-hailing Study  The Truth About Cars

Annoyed by the lack of passenger data available from ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft, two researchers took matters into their own hands. Hoping to ...

Lancaster: 'Returning players will have no shortage of motivation for Leinster'  The42

THE CALM BEFORE the storm around Leinster headquarters. Two down weeks has allowed Leo Cullen and Stuart Lancaster recalibrate ahead of the final ...

Free-agency storylines: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix’s motivation, the Cordarrelle Patterson riddle and a reprimand on social media hype  Chicago Tribune

As the Bears continue through free agency, we take a deeper look at the their gamble on safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, their plans for receiver Cordarrelle Patterson ...

A humble opinion on deriving motivation from failure  PBS NewsHour

It irks novelist and professor Elizabeth McCracken when people say a success has “humbled” them. She argues it's in fact failure that produces a humbling effect ...

Just Do It: How to Work When You Really Don't Feel Like It  Entrepreneur

Procrastination hurts. Hitting next episode on Netflix can provide momentary relief, but it's a fleeting high. Whether you're avoiding a sink full of dishes, a new ...

Go for a run or eat chocolate: A choice dictated by the cannabinoid receptors  Science Daily

A study reveals that the cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors play an essential role in the choice between running and eating chocolatey food.

Huskies look to use NCAA seeding (No. 2) as motivation in tourney  Waterbury Republican American

STORRS – A week before the women's basketball NCAA Tournament selection committee snubbed UConn for a No. 1 seed, Huskies coach Geno Auriemma ...

Henderson Collegiate's motivation to win comes from desire to honor late teammate  HighSchoolOT

You won't lay eyes on Elijah Brown on Saturday but you'll see him in a number of ways.

Employee motivation: 12 ways to boost staff productivity  CIO

In a tight market for tech talent, IT leaders are increasingly looking for ways to build and retain high-performing teams. And while philosophies and processes for ...

Stars call up motivation for local players - Arhinful  GhanaWeb

Former Black Stars player, Augustine Arhinful, says the inclusion of three local-based players in the senior national team would serve as a motivation to other ...

For UNC graduating players, motivation follows loss to Duke in ACC Tournament  The Daily Tar Heel

Senior guard Kenny Williams (24) dashes to the basket against Duke during the semifinals of the ACC Tournament at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, N.C. on ...

NU gymnast turns tragedy into motivation after Parkland shooting  Daily Nebraskan

Abby Johnston is a survivor, and that's something she'll never take for granted. Most people know the story by now: on Feb. 14, 2018, 17 students were killed in ...

Motivation Is The Key Factor In Diet And Nutrition, New Study Shows  Health Thoroughfare

It appears that motivation is a key factor in our diet and nutrition. A study made by the University of East Anglia discovered that a positive attitude is usually linked ...

Everton's struggles are a mixture of strategy, player quality and motivation - how can Marco Silva beat Chelsea?  The Telegraph

The only team Everton have beaten in their previous six games is Cardiff.

news Trent Brown talks contract motivation, friendship with former Raiders linebacker Neiron Ball Young men across  Raiders.com

Young men across the nation dream of one day making it to the NFL, and while some have more challenging obstacles in their way, former Raiders linebacker ...

Disillusionment with Society, Lack of Interest or Motivation to Contribute - Ask the Therapist  PsychCentral.com

A. Not everyone cares about the same things in the same way, with the same intensity as you do. What is important to you doesn't have to be as important to ...

Steelers' Kevin Colbert: Gaining picks was motivation to deal Antonio Brown  Tribune-Review

The chance to acquire extra picks for the 2019 draft was the main reason the Pittsburgh Steelers traded All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown to the Oakland ...

Stetina has 'fresh motivation' after considering end to career  VeloNews

Peter Stetina (Trek-Segafredo) is quickly burning through his nine lives as a professional cyclist. After recovering from a career-threatening horror crash in 2015, ...

Don’t Feel Motivated? Play The Impossible Game  Psychology Today

Learn to do what matters most even without motivation.

How do I motivate people who won't budge  Hibbing Daily Tribune

Dear Dr. Shari,. I am trying to motivate people at work. I am getting a lot of pushback and it is getting irritating. We are on the same professional level but we all ...

Sonam Kapoor perfecting these Pilates moves is all the motivation you need!  Times of India

Sonam Kapoor might have had that sense of style from the beginning but she is one of the actresses who has worked very hard on toning her body and scu.

Duluze tip: Find your motivation  Duluth News Tribune

What is driving you to make changes? What do you hope to accomplish? Write out specific, measurable, attainable goals and post them where you will see them ...

How to stay motivated with your resolutions for 2019  KTAR.com

By the middle of February, 80 percent of people give up on their New Year's resolutions. Here are ways to stay on track.

“Big Bang” of Motivation: Questions That Evoke Wonder in Our Students  Faculty Focus

Experiences that lead to wonder are pre-cursors to creative thinking and critical thinking because they are the catalyst that sends us on a learning quest.

Why is Motivation Hard to Come By and Easy to Say Tomorrow To?  BlogTalkRadio

Last week this comment was on my FB page by: Heart OnFire Motivation is hard to come by...why is that? I have had to watch that video of Arthur Boor man ...

3 Ways to Channel Work Frustration Into Motivation  Thrive Global

Psychologist Adam Grant says we should channel our work aggravations into sources of creativity. Here are 3 tips to help.

'Motivation by fear': Blackhawks finding a way to play well in big game but need to do it all the time  Chicago Tribune

If the Blackhawks could only play the NHL's top teams every game they might already have sewn up a playoff spot. With a few exceptions, the Hawks have had ...

Vatican-China agreement motivated by mission, cardinal says  The Catholic Spirit

The Vatican's tentative agreement with the government of mainland China obviously has a diplomatic component, but it was motivated by a desire to spread the ...

Man sentenced for stabbing motivated by ‘transphobic animus’  Boston.com

The incident was prosecuted as a hate crime. Read more on Boston.com.

Motivational speaker captivates audience | Headline Blast  Watertown Public Opinion

Happy people aren't always grateful. But grateful people are always happy.”

Lakota East lost a team leader to a gruesome leg injury. His close friend stepped in to lead a deep tournament  Hamilton Journal News

LIBERTY TWP. — Will Johnston went from being a guy with potential to a must-guard guy over the course of a single Lakota East High School basketball game.

Rashid Khan thanks Afghan President for his support and motivation  CricTracker

It is a well-known fact Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani is a die-hard fan of cricket. During the Indian Premier League (IPL) last year.

Home Office Inspiration To Get You Motivated  Raise Vegan

In the midst of doing some minor (okay, major) home redecoration in order to motivate me to work on my novel I, of course, turned to Instagram for major ...

Rafael Nadal: 'Keeping motivation high during injuries is the key'  Tennis World USA

The new Rafael Nadal tennis centre in Costa Mujeres near Cancun, Mexico, was opened last month.

New Zealand Shooting Suspect Used Ebba Akerlund’s Death As Motivation For Mass Murder  International Business Times

Even as New Zealand terror attack's toll soared to 49, the focus is shifting to the assailant's hate ideology and use of Ebba Åkerlund' name for the dastardly ...

Drug debt motivated robbers; affidavits describe investigation  St. Albans Messenger

Posted by Tom Benton | Mar 19, 2019 | News, Showcase News | 0 |. Drug debt motivated robbers; affidavits describe investigation. Police respond to the ...

This 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Spoiler Reveals The Night King's Surprising Motivation  Bustle

Details about the final season of Game of Thrones remain scarce, even though Season 8's April 14 premiere is rapidly approaching. Thankfully, the Night King ...

Motivational night set for Thursday  Pine Bluff Commercial

... © Copyright 2006-2019 GateHouse Media, LLC. All rights reserved • GateHouse News. Original *content* available for non-commercial use under a Creative ...

Chanelle Hayes shares motivational post detailing her weight loss as she vows to lose two more stone  Daily Mail

The reality star, 31, shared two snaps of herself side by side, one taken in October 2017 and the other in May 2018.

Study reveals how motivation affects nutrition and diet  Medical Xpress

New research led by the University of East Anglia (UEA) suggests that people with a positive attitude are more likely to eat healthily.

Man pleads guilty in stabbing prosecutors say was motivated by transphobia  The Boston Globe

David Delacruz, 31, was sentenced to five to seven years in state prison after he pleaded guilty to knocking the victim from her wheelchair and stabbing her ...

Tuesday Motivation: Here's how Murtaza Rangwala went from being an engineer to Bollywood guru  MyNation

FilmyMantra CEO Murtaza Rangwala's success story is no less than a Bollywood movie plot, take a dekko.

After three majors, Brooks Koepka having no trouble finding motivation  Golf Channel

After winning three major championships in two years it might be difficult for some to find motivation. Not Brooks Koepka.

Watch: Jeezy Delivers Thug Motivation Tips: "Clout Chasing Gets You Clout"  SOHH

Atlanta rapper Jeezy is out here delivering motivational gems. The Snowman hit up social media this week to bless fans with his "Thug Motivation Monday"

Pollsters: Toomey's vote not politically motivated  Sunbury Daily Item

Senator Pat Toomey's vote, along with 11 other Republican senators, to end President Donald Trump's emergency declaration was not politically motivated said ...

25 Ways to Lead, Inspire and Motivate Your Team to Greatness  CT Post

Sitting back and focusing only on your personal goals will not benefit your team or help your brand grow. Jonathan Long. Published 9:30 am EDT, Tuesday, ...

UPDATE: Police arrest 2 students in racially-motivated threat at Arbor View High School  KLAS-TV

Two Arbor View High School students have been taken into custody in connection with a racially-motivated threat at the school, according to CCSD ...

Neuroscience Just Revealed Something Unexpected About Where Motivation Comes From  Inc.

That happy feeling you get thinking of cake or getting a promotion--it's all based in your brain's reward system. Until now, scientists who have wanted to know ...

City of Lufkin to consider committee to educate, motivate residents ahead of 2020 Census  KTRE

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The City of Lufkin understands how important it is for residents to be counted in the 2020 Census; that's why its considering launching a ...

Motivated Falcons KO the Kangs  Woodinville Northwest News

The Lady Falcons aren't messing around this year. Oh sure, the girls often giggle in the dugout and have their usual fun -- as it should be for high school sports.

Russell Courtier Found Guilty For Racially-Motivated Murder of Larnell Bruce  The Portland Mercury

Russell Courtier has been found guilty in the racially-motivated murder of 19-year-old Larnell Bruce outside a Gresham 7-Eleven. Courtier, a 40-year old ...

Kaka: The Lionel Messi Effect Keeps Cristiano Ronaldo Motivated  Soccer Laduma

Brazil legend Kaka has admitted he is amazed by Cristiano Ronaldo's motivation to continuously reach new heights, and believes the "Lionel Messi effect" helps ...

Clayton Kershaw is ‘motivated by greatness,’ but at 31, can his body keep up?  The Washington Post

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Nothing drives home the fleeting nature of athletic greatness quite like the ace pitcher entering the autumn of his career. Clayton Kershaw ...

Motivation Affects Results On Nutrition and Diet  amarketjournal.com

Whether or not we believe it, there is a direct communication between your mental and physical health. Your mental state directly affects your body functions ...

Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic reveals Man City motivation  Manchester Evening News

Nemanja Matic has said Manchester United have added motivation in their pursuit of silverware this season - because they can prevent Manchester City from ...

Nagy confident Bears will stay motivated by playoff loss  NBCSports.com

The Bears' brutal playoff loss to the Eagles will stick with them, and it's Matt Nagy's job to make sure it becomes a positive motivator.

Casey: Why Washington state's free college proposal is deeply flawed  MyNorthwest.com

Getting an education may be a right, but going to college isn't. That being said, a proposed free college program for low-income students doesn't seem to ...

'White-genocide theory' a core motivation for extreme far-right terrorists  TheJournal.ie

THE IDEA THAT white people are being intentionally replaced by people of colour is a core talking point of the extreme right-wing terrorists in online forums, and ...

Experiences as a student led to Teach For America member’s career path  Monitor

Amanda Peña teaches ninth grade English Language Arts at PSJA Southwest Early College High School. She is a 2017 Teach For America corps member.

Arsenal used Lingard's FA Cup moonwalk as motivation to beat Man Utd  Daily Mail

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Bernd Leno have confessed Jesse Lingard's goal celebration in Manchester United's recent FA Cup win at the Emirates ...

SVEEP seeks to motivate voters in Pathanamthitta  The Hindu

Vote is a means to feel the country's soul and a citizen is directly involved in the process of national development through the electoral process, actor Kailash ...

How European ideas motivated Christchurch killer  POLITICO.eu

The self-described 'fascist' may have picked up ideas during a trip to France in 2017.

Attack In New Zealand Appears To Be Motivated By White Supremacy  NPR

David Greene talks to Jonathan Greenblatt, the director of the Anti-Defamation League, which fights bigotry, about the attack at two mosques in New Zealand, ...

Maryland set to head into NCAA women’s basketball tournament motivated by a loss  The Washington Post

For just the second time since Maryland joined the Big Ten Conference five years ago, Coach Brenda Frese's women's basketball team will enter the postseason ...

Crew Call: No. 18 team had 'extra motivation' to win Phoenix | NASCAR.com  NASCAR

No. 18 team jackman TJ Ford and tire carrier Joe Crossen catch up with NASCAR.com in Victory Lane while celebrating Kyle Busch's win at ISM Raceway.

Pope to Court of Audit: May Christ motivate you to serve for the Common Good  Vatican News

Pope Francis meets in audience members of Italy's Court of Audit, urging them to use their positions to serve the common good. The Court of Audit is a ...

'Indira canteen food test politically motivated'  Deccan Herald

Giving a political twist to Indira canteen food quality test, mayor rejected allegations of BJP corporator Umesh Shetty and termed the tests as politically motivated.

This 26-year-old is a budding motivational speaker and aspiring personal development evangelist  Forsyth County News Online

Macy McNeely froze. In front of her were 150 volunteers in her charge at North Point Community Church, and McNeely had to give them an inspiring speech.

Why Your Organization Needs A Chief Motivational Officer  Forbes

She might not have superhuman strength or a Lasso of Truth, but Pam Kaufman is certainly a Wonder Woman. This month, Kaufman, President of ...

5 Powerful Ideas that Will Change the Way We Work  Thrive Global

Does your daily routine feel like a grind? If so, it may be time to step back and look at things from another perspective. Some creatives call this mental hygiene.

The Dark Web Enabled the Christchurch Killer  Foreign Policy

Over the past three decades, large-scale terrorist attacks motivated by extreme-right beliefs have almost exclusively been carried out by lone actors and small ...

New Zealand terror suspect claims French presidential vote motivated mosque attack  The Local France

The Australian suspect arrested in connection with the terror attack at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday -- in which 49 people were killed -- wrote ...

Tigers, Martin motivated now more than ever for AAC Tournament  WREG NewsChannel 3

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Tigers and Jeremiah Martin getting a little more fuel for their fire Wednesday. Martin was not named the AAC Player of the Year despite ...

Motivating the adoption of new community-minded behaviors: An empirical test in Nigeria  Science Advances

Social scientists have long sought to explain why people donate resources for the good of a community. Less attention has been paid to the difficult task of ...

Monday Motivation: All the times Manohar Parrikar inspired us with his simplicity  MyNation

Late Goan chief minister Manohar Parrikar won respect and praised when he was seen standing in a queue among the public at a wedding in Pune.

Tournament Tales ... with John Henson  Cavs.com

With the NCAA Tourney set to tip off, we look at one of college hoops' most iconic programs, North Carolina, and John Henson's three-year run in today's ...

Rúaidhrí O'Connor: 'Little warmth in Joe Schmidt's comments on Warren Gatland as roof battle gives Ireland more motivation'  Independent.ie

The Principality Stadium roof is one of those topics that sits behind glass to be broken in case of a slow news day. Yesterday, there was plenty going on, but it ...

'If one wants tonic of motivation, he or she should meet Abhinandan', says defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman  Business Today

Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Tuesday that Pakistan should stop playing victim of terrorism. Speaking at the Aaj Tak National Security Summit, ...

Stoneman Douglas football coach Willis May resigns, citing 2018 school shooting as main motivation  Sun Sentinel

A little more than a year after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting that left 17 people dead, including assistant football coach Aaron Feis and athletic ...

Josh Warrington vs Kid Galahad: World featherweight champion motivated by rival’s lack of remorse since doping ban  The Independent

Josh Warrington will make his second defence of his IBF featherweight title against mandatory challenger Kid Galahad on June 15. The fight will take place at ...

Frank Cali murder: Did love motivate suspect Anthony Comello to kill?  Asbury Park Press

Was love a motive for suspect Anthony Comello, accused of killing a reputed Gambino crime boss?

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: Ezra Miller talks Credence’s motivation  Wizards and What Not

Ezra Miller has come out to talk about Credence Barebone's motivation in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in this new clip.

Apple cites decision to use Intel modems in iPhone as 'real motivation' for Qualcomm patent suit  AppleInsider

Apple and Qualcomm on Thursday presented closing arguments in a patent infringement trial in San Diego, with Apple telling jurors that the complaint is less ...

Olivia Buckland EXCLUSIVE: Love Island star says husband Alex Bowen helps motivate her to be healthy  Daily Mail

She married Love Island star Alex Bowen, 26, in a romantic ceremony in September, and Olivia Buckland revealed her marriage has helped motivate her to ...

Jill Morgenthaler, retired Army colonel, former state official and motivational speaker, dies  Chicago Tribune

Jill Morgenthaler, a retired Army colonel with 30 years of active and reserve *service*, was the state's homeland security adviser under former Gov.

Survey: 53% of consumers motivated to purchase by 'natural' claim  Food Dive

An online survey from Label Insight showed 53% of U.S. consumers would be prompted to buy a product sporting a label claim of "natural." The January survey ...

Hate-motivated violence in New Zealand troubling to Crossroads  Victoria Advocate

To those in the Crossroads, the New Zealand city of Christchurch seemed the least likely place for a hate-motivated shooting that claimed 49 lives.

This Is the Real New Zealand  Slate

AUCKLAND, New Zealand—The world closed in on us on Friday. All the hate and violence we had long watched happening hundreds of thousands of ...

Too lazy to brush and floss? Researcher team will motivate you with online counseling  UB News Center

UB researchers receive grant to develop online intervention to improve oral health in dental patients. By Marcene Robinson. Release Date: March 11, 2019.

25 best exam wishes for good luck  Legit.ng

Legit.ng News ☆ Read the list of ⭐ EXAM WISHES ⭐ that will encourage even the most stressed students. Drive fear and worries away with the power of these ...

'Illuminating Exchange on Health Care' Reveals Beto Doesn't Think Insurance Industry Motivated by Greed  Common Dreams

Beto O'Rourke is attracting criticism from Medicare for All proponents after the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate said he doesn't believe the existence of ...

Monday Motivation: Food and fitness trends from Natural Products Expo  CBS 8 San Diego

SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Getting you motivated this Monday is health and wellness expert Christine Lusita. Christine recently attended the Natural Food Expo ...

4 Reasons Talented Employees Don't Reach Their Potential  HBR.org Daily

No matter how talented someone might be, there is no guarantee that their talents will translate into top performance. The science of human potential has ...

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