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Why Motivation?

Why worry about motivation? Why spend your scarce time learning about the subject or the particular methods behind making it work for you? These questions that must be answered before you can truly tap into your inner drive and enjoy all the rewards mastering motivation can offer.

What Is Motivation? In essence, motivation is the internal impulse to take action. It is the feeling triggered within that compels you to do something. From brushing your teeth in the morning to following through on your lifelong goals and dreams, motivation is at the root of every action you take.

Without motivation, the progress of the world would come to a grinding stop. Nothing could improve for every individual capable of working toward change would lack the motivation to move forward with their plans.

On a more personal note, progress within your own life would be impossible without the motivation to do something about what you wanted. Your health, career, money, relationships...nothing would move forward without an internal drive.

Why Master Motivation? However, you do make progress in these areas. You do take actions each day. The reason is motivation. But there's just one problem. The motivation that is making you take actions isn't being used to its potential. It's running on autopilot and therefore can't begin to offer the life-changing rewards and benefits locked within.

By learning how to control your internal drive, you can launch every area of your life to levels never before imagined. When you know which steps to take - and which to avoid - you can literally tap into a power that compels you to do whatever it takes to create the life you've always wanted to live. All of this is possible by learning the secrets of motivation.

Where Do I Start? The first step to controlling your motivation - after fully understanding its true power - is to make a decision. Motivation requires a target. Have you ever encountered someone who was powerfully motivated but didn't have a clue as to what they wanted to do? Not only is this unlikely but it's actually impossible. Triggering your internal drive is only possible when you have a clear end in mind.

So what do you want? This is the question you must answer. When the thought enters your mind, make sure it is as specific as possible. So specific, in fact, that anyone off the street should be able to read your goal and know without a doubt what you're after. When you've reached this point, the motivation you need to change your life can begin to take root.

The ability to get yourself to take action is the single greatest skill in life. Nothing can begin to compare in impact or reach. With this skill in hand, the life you've imagined can be yours.

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