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4 Steps to Recharge Your Motivation at Work

Getting and staying motivated to improve your life isn't something that takes place exclusively at home. It's just as important to put steps in place to keep your drive going strong on the job, day in and day out, not only to advance along your career path but also to get the very most joy and satisfaction out of your job.

By putting the quicktips below into action at the office, the motivation you need to achieve your career goals will be as strong as ever.

Ask for Clarity Vague goals kill motivation. Without a clear and concise target to reach for, you can't possibly trigger your internal drive simply because it has nothing to head toward. Only when the objective is vivid in your mind can you tap into a powerful inner drive.

If you're boss or supervisor hasn't already created a set of clear goals for you, which is often the case, it's time to request a little more direction. Meet with your boss and let him/her know that you need more clarity with a handful of work objectives. Continue narrowing down your goals until you reach the point of detail you need.

What's Next? While you're talking with your boss about your current goals, spend time asking about the path of advancement within your department. Motivation needs growth to maintain its power. If you aren't sure what opportunity lies ahead, you'll find that your drive to keep pushing forward begins to diminish.

No matter what it takes, find out the exact path of advancement that is open to you. Find out which opportunities are in your future and exactly what you need to do today to experience them down the road.

Get Educated The better skilled you are at a particular task or activity, the more motivated you'll be to get involved with it. This principle lends itself perfectly to the world of motivation in the workplace - the more you know about your position and what it takes to excel, the more driven you'll be to produce results.

Read books at home, take classes at a local community college, attend seminars and after-work meetings, and do whatever else you can to enhance your education and improve your work-related expertise.

Take on New Challenges People around the world have an intense need for growth and variety; too much of the same old thing and soon there will be no sign of motivation. To avoid this experience, put yourself out there for new work challenges to keep things fresh and new on the job.

Take on new projects, or even create your own. Offer suggestions for improvement and volunteer to head the effort. Let your supervisor or boss know that you are always open to trying something new.

These are just a handful of things you can do to add change and growth to your workday. With a little time invested - and a little creativity - you'll have more than enough ideas to add an element of excitement and variety to your career.

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