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4 Steps to Driven Employees

The first few minutes of the workday can often be the most important minutes you'll have with your people. It sets the tone for the rest of the day, inspiring others to achieve greater results or leaving them without direction or energy - it's your choice.

Below are five quick and easy ideas that can help you give your people the jump start they need every morning before work begins.

EARLY ARRIVAL There is nothing quite as frustrating to an employee as seeing his or her boss waltz in hours after the workday has begun. It's very difficult to respect and follow a leader who fails to give as much as they expect in return.

Arrive to work before or with your employees and let your actions demonstrate your dedication to the company and its objectives. If you expect the best from others you must expect the same from yourself.

ENERGY Moods and attitudes are contagious. The moment you walk through the door in the morning you are sharing a message with your body language. Slump your shoulders and drag your way into the office and you'll let everyone around you know that the day is going to be long and uneventful.

Walk in with a spring in your step and a smile on your face and you'll spread the enthusiasm necessary for a productive workday. Everyone sends off vibes, and as a manager or leader, your vibes can oftentimes overpower others. Use this power to enhance the quality of each day.

MEET AND GREET One of the key differences between those who inspire success and those who stifle improvement is the direction they head after entering into the office. While some choose to walk straight to their particular work area, others take a different path an in turn achieve better results.

Begin the day by greeting your people, letting them know through your actions that you care about them and feel they are an important asset to the company. If you merely run to your office and fail to acknowledge the others around you, it will only serve to create a rift between you and ones you rely on for success.

EXPECTATIONS While making your rounds you can accomplish another objective that is sure to motivate your people to action. Carrying out this method requires that you have a clear plan of action each day - something that will increase progress in and of itself.

People need direction. They need to know where they are heading and why. As you greet your employees, let them know what results you expect to see at the end of the day. Relaying clear objectives and expectations at the start of the day will help to set in motion a day of accomplishment in place of small-talk, checking e-mail, and mindless paper filing.

Follow these simple tips and you'll have a workforce that is motivated to improve, inspired to succeed, and ready to begin working toward a better tomorrow for themselves and their company.

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