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Quick & Easy Stress Busters

Not only does stress cause wear and tear on the body but it also wears down your motivation as well. With worry, tension, and frustration surging through your veins, it's nearly impossible to focus on changing anything about your life. However, with a few steps in place you can take control of the situation and replace the stress with energy and drive.

Vacation...at Home Bring your vacation home with you. If you just recently visited the tropics, create an oasis on your deck with plants and objects that remind you of your trip. Hang pictures from your vacation all around and play the music you listened to while relaxing the day away in the sun.

Take a Warm Bath An hour before you head to bed, take a warm bath to release your tension and free your mind of worry and distraction. To get these results even faster, place a rolled towel under your neck and breathe deeply, feeling the stress leave your body with each exhale.

Create Quiet Time You might enjoy the company of your television or radio, but for instant stress-relief a little quiet time is a must. Turn off everything around you, sit in a cozy chair, and enjoy the silence. If you can't find an opportunity during the day, wait until everyone is asleep at night and stay up a little later to get in your time of silence.

Start with a Walk Start your day with a walk around the block. This will give you the chance to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, clear your mind of needless worry, and help you organize your thoughts for the upcoming workday.

Get into Yoga Check out a video or book from your local library to learn the basics of yoga or some other type of activity that offers similar benefits of the mind and body. In this way, you'll ease your stress as well as build your muscle tone and cardiovascular system.

Rent a Funny Movie Laughter is not only the best medicine but it's also a powerfully effective stress-reliever. With the help of a funny movie, you can let someone else trigger those all-important bursts of laughter necessary to reduce stress-causing hormones and boost your immune system.

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