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Evaluating Leadership Characteristics

Effective leaders experience a high degree of success in each of the eight leadership categories. Take a few moments to assess your strengths and areas of opportunity in each of these areas...

1. Emotional Intelligence. Effective leaders have the ability to discern, understand and be aware of how their thoughts and emotions get expressed in their actions and behaviors. They have the ability to manage their emotions, express them appropriately and help others do the same.

2. Dynamic Communication. What you say, and the body language you use will inspire and motivate, do nothing, or maybe even deflate your intended listeners. You can motivate people to do something by using fearful communication or you can inspire them to take action by using words that communicate "I Win, You Win."

3. Influencing Others. What if who you are was enough for people to follow your lead? Being a role model for our children, our friends, our spouse, and other people in our lives is far more effective than other methods of influencing. Are you walking your talk? Are you being everything you want to be?

4. Problem Solving. How do you approach "problems" in your life? Do you see them as challenges or opportunities? Hiding from problems or fighting to win in a challenge or conflict represents catabolic energy. Creating solutions for everyone involved is the answer to effective leadership.

5. Productivity. External productivity refers to using your resources to get things done in an effective and efficient manner. Internal productivity looks at the "energy" you bring to getting things done. Who are you in relationship to setting goals, making decisions and achieving results? Anabolic leaders are amazingly productive, powerful and innovative.

6. High Energy. Relationships We are always in relationship with someone. That someone could be our husband, a friend, a co-worker, a child, our self and even God. Do your relationships lift your energy or drag you down? Effective leaders know how to create and maintain positive and healthy relationships.

7. Health and Wellness. Your health largely determines the amount of physical energy you have to participate in life. Effective leaders understand the importance of regular exercise, eating healthy and getting adequate sleep. Healthy bodies sustain us and contribute to the longevity of our lives.

8. Time Management/Balance. Are you in charge of your time or is your time controlling you? Your perception of time and how you use your time directly affects the success you experience in your life. Successful leaders understand that time is a gift and they choose how they are going to use their time. They choose to relax and do nothing just as easily as they choose to complete a task.

You are a leader, informally or formally. By learning to release your catabolic energy, and approach life with anabolic energy you can be effective and highly successful in motivating yourself and others in your life to take positive action. Concentrate on developing strengths in the 8 building blocks of leadership and you will be an invaluable leader in your home, work and life.

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